Olivia Aliyah Barron
Magnolia ISD
Richland College, Dallas County Community College District

Olivia Aliyah Barron, a 2016 graduate of Alpha Academy, plans to use her scholarship to attend Richland College, where she's studying nursing.

“I hope to become a registered nurse and possibly even a nurse practitioner in the future,” she said, adding that she may get an EMT license to gain more experience while in college. “After being in so many hospitals throughout the past few years due to family and personal issues, I have been able to witness the things nurses can do for families and their patients. I hope one day I cans how that kind of support to others.”

Barron was nominated by Tonya McClesky, who said, “Olivia is bright, energetic, honest, compassionate and genuinely well-rounded. Olivia has overcome many obstacles during her 11 years in public school. She moved school districts four times, and has still maintained an above-average GPA.”